A Herbalist Speaks


'I would like to congratulate the makers of this creation.

The taste is great with a sweetness that is enticing but not at all sickly, while the chocolate comes through perfectly. The spice demands curiosity, but without being overpowering.

What strikes me most however is the way it feels. Honestly, it’s a fluid delight - I found it tantalising to the taste buds and in me it opened the doors to a having a 'wider' experience.

As a medical herbalist, I am deeply aware and in tune with the energetic qualities of plant medicines. The direction of the effect is very apparent, showing clear intention to energise and open in an exquisite way.

I’m writing this after my second taste of Bliss. To recall the first, I have to think back to a party I went to. As I was in a room full of subtle energy workers we did not drink alcohol and a friend bought this out instead.

I was both surprised and delighted at the impact it had on our evening together, making a really noticeable difference by inviting joy and openness.

It really comes through that Bliss is a labour of love, achieving an amazing quality with the energetics and how they interplay in the subtle realms.

I highly recommend it!'

William Draper AKA Suka the Herbalist

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