How long does a bottle of Bliss last?

Unopened, the bottle will keep for 3 months. After opening, treat as fresh produce and store in the fridge, drinking within four weeks.

How much is an effective amount to drink?

Bliss is intended to be used in the same way as a 40% proof alcoholic spirit.

A double measure will produce a noticeable effect and last for perhaps 2-4 hours. Drinking more will both increase the effect and prolong the experience, so it is certainly possible to enjoy a few drinks over the course of a night or day.

How much can I drink in one sitting?

Personally speaking we can happily drink half a bottle over the course of a day. Initially it helps for focusing on work, after a few double shots though we can tend to just want to be playful, when the ability to concentrate takes a back seat to the desire to be in the moment and either relax if alone, or share in the lighter side of life with a good laugh with friends.

Is it possible to drink too much?

A recommended daily intake of each vitamin or supplement is found in one 700ml bottle, so Bliss is designed to be safe to consume in that quantity.

Regards the herbs and spices, because there are so many ingredients each one is used in relatively low quantities. In most cases, much less than you might consume whilst eating a plate of food flavoured or garnished with that ingredient.

However, drinking a whole bottle of an alcoholic spirit would not be advisable, similarly we can make no guarantee regards any reaction or contraindication for any individual in respect of any of the ingredients.

Also, unless you are well used to its effects, drinking a whole bottle of Bliss may well produce a noticeable detox reaction as your body releases built up toxins, or due to your body being particularly sensitive to a specific ingredient.

Drink responsibly, increase your consumption slowly and discover what works for your specific body.

What ingredient makes Bliss so effective?

It’s difficult to say which of its 40 or so active ingredients gives Bliss its potency. One may as well ask:

‘Which instrument in the orchestra allows a Mozart symphony to move the emotions so completely?’

Qualifications aside and to continue the metaphor a little, Chocolate could perhaps be considered the conductor, whilst the dialogue between Star Anise and Lions Mane creates some of the most uplifting musical passages. Blue Lotus is a mind opening flower, Rose is heart opening. Black pepper is grounding, Matcha is calming, Passion flower is uplifting…

We’ll stop here, or we’d end up writing up the full list of ingredients - as none deserve to be left out!

Is Bliss the same as other alcohol-free spirits?

A big question this one…

Consider a few points in relation to alcohol:

  • All alcoholic drinks have a different effect. Compare in your mind the effect of Red wine and Tequila, or Champagne and Whisky.
  • Every body is different in terms of its nutritional requirement.
  • Everyone’s perception of what being under the influence feels like is different.
  • Everyone wants a different experience of drinking, depending upon each particular moment.

In relation to other alcohol-free spirits, some are intended to be functionally active, some are not, while they all have a unique combination of ingredients and the interpretation of what an alcohol replacement could feel like and what it should do in the body by each creator is unique.

So, the short answer is no, it is very different.

In our opinion, Bliss is the most rounded, harmonious and versatile alternative to alcohol. Then again we would say that and this is a personal opinion based on our own physiologies!

Sometimes you may want to feel the effect of one of the other, different alcohol-free spirits available.

Enjoy your own exploration of discovery for which alcohol-free spirit works best and for which occasion.

Is it legal?

Yes every ingredient is legal in the United Kingdom.

(Note: it is not possible to guarantee this in respect of legislation in every country in the world.)

Why is it called Bliss?

Erm, because it is Blissful?!

What inspired you to create Bliss?

Glad you asked! Please read the story here:

Do you wholesale?

Yes, we are happy to offer Bliss to bars and restaurants, contact us for more info.

Do you have a mobile bar serving Bliss?

We love attending events with the Bliss Bar!

If you’re hosting a large party, festival, wedding or any other gathering where you’d like to offer an alcohol alternative and give yours guests the experience of feeling content, uplifted, present and Blissful, get in touch and let’s discuss how we can make it happen.

How did you create your awesome logo?

Okay, no-one has actually ever asked that yet, but as we’re particularly proud of the design so please indulge us…

We love words, so the word ‘Bliss’ was always going to take centre stage on our bottles. A designer friend who synchromystically enough happens to be called Rose Gold pulled our ideas together, the sun motif seemed to choose itself, with the Hieroglyphic style referencing Egypt and the Blue Lotus flower...

Do you ship abroad?

Sorry, due to the complexity and cost of shipping liquids overseas, currently we aren't set up for overseas shipping.

Can I have an auto-ship discount?

Yes, we’d love for you to subscribe and receive an order monthly, quarterly, fortnightly or even weekly. So much so, you’ll be buying your Bliss at a reduced price.

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