How Does Bliss Feel?

 Once upon a time, I was obsessed with hot yoga and a green powder product called Supergreens. By combining these over a couple of years, I detoxed my body so much I started to wake up feeling so cosy, warm and exquisite I was transported back in time to the experience of being a baby in the cot, feeling blissful simply from having a body with which to touch cotton sheets.

Blissful Feelings

This experience, and an understanding that feeling that way is a natural result of a healthy balance of hormones and neurochemicals, inspired the creation of Bliss.

So, I’d like to answer the question you probably have in mind, which is ‘How will this drink make me feel?’

Well, Blissful is the short answer. But I’m guessing if you’re reading this page, you’re after a more comprehensive one. First off - a quick warning - The question is more easily asked than answered…

Consider: Is your expectation or expectation of Bliss the same as mine? Do we all have the same neurochemical make up? Does every body even experience alcohol the same way?

Every single body, will experience the herbs, aminos vitamins and minerals differently.

But of course, Bliss has been created to address some of the common imbalances which then help to restore a natural state of Bliss for a majority of people, so we can generalise a little.

Mushrooms and roots bring greater awareness of our body.

Anxiolytics such as Oat Straw and L-Theanine reduce the cortisol and adrenaline common to modern life to bring about relaxation and relief.

Passionflower increases serotonin availability, increasing feelings of wellbeing and happiness.

Chocolate reminds us of our identity as playful creator beings.

Aphrodisiacs open our heart centre, bringing consciousness out of the mind and into the heart.

Relaxation and presence open up greater social confidence.

L-Tyrosine increases energy levels, combatting fatigue-based depression.

When cooked together, Lions Mane and Star Anise create a really interesting energetic which brings a bubbly, joyful feeling which for me is reminiscent of getting my energy flowing on a dancefloor.

Finally, Blue Lotus opens up the higher energy centres to increase openness to novelty, fun laughter, new impressions and realisations.

Does it really work? For me the answer is a massive yes, which is why the version you can buy now is the one at which I stopped adjusting the recipe! For most people, absolutely yes it also does. For you?

There’s only one way to find out… May your journey be Blissful!


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