New Tantric Bliss

Did we save the best for last...? 

Taste notes

Tantric Bliss arrives on the palette with a pop of Sour Cherry, expands and mellows into lingering sweet Forest Honey & Vanilla, entices with a subtle hint of Raspberry, Tulsi & Lemongrass, a journey supported by earthy Beetroot and lifted with floral tones of Rose & Hibiscus

What will it do for me?

Tantric Bliss is genuinely arousing!


A playful partner, Tantric Bliss loves getting intimate with pomegranate, a quality fizz, raspberries or coconut, in any combination to take your fancy. Garnish with a cherry or for a more exotic combination try Rosemary, Lemon peel or even pineapple

How much works well?

As Bliss is delivered In a generous 70cl bottle, we pack more inside than most, to ensure your socialising is as connected as you desire.

Everybody is different so how much works best for you is a matter of discovery, as a starting point all of our blends are created to be effective in a double shot, but unlike alcohol more can be better and a few doubles should land well for most

Tantric Serves - The Silky

Like slipping between your favourite sheets, let the creamy goodness caress you into a dreamy wonderland

Double shot of Tantric Bliss, 150ml Innocent Coconut Milk, Pineapple to garnish

Tantric Serves - The Amorous

A lush, sensual, rich, indulgence – Tantric Bliss combined with Beetroot for its bassy, berry, earthy tones and aphrodisiac effects, and Pomegranate to lift the top notes

Double shot of Tantric Bliss, Pomegranate, Ginger Beer, Beetroot, Ice, Rosemary sprig