The Creation

Making Bliss really is a labour of love, as three separate brews first have to be brewed before being combined to produce the amazing, final, result.


Firstly and before using any herbs at all, fresh spring water is energetically cleaned and charged with sound.

Then, three separate herbal blends are brewed which become the components of Bliss.

Part 1 - Joy

The first brew to be created is 'Joy'... Lions mane and star anise along with Ginkgo and Schisandra, are cooked at pressure allowing the brew to reach a higher boiling point of approx. 130 degrees.

Part 2 - Happiness 

The second blend called ‘Happiness’ is simmered for 75 minutes, allowing the root ingredients a good long time to give of their gifts and fully meld together.

Part 3 - Pleasure

Lastly, the more delicate and subtle notes of the cacao, leaf and floral elements are brewed in a concoction heated for just 15 minutes to retain those lighter, higher frequencies, in a brew we know as ‘Pleasure’.

These three separate blends are then mixed together to provide the bass, mid-section and treble of the drink.

Supplements & Extracts

Supplements and vitamins are added, whilst a last final step sees additional flavour blended into the drink in various extracts, allowing our master blenders to fine tune the finished flavour.

The finished article is quickly bottled whilst still hot, to ensure as little of the flavour as possible is lost to evaporation.

Joy, Happiness and Pleasure, all combined to bring about the final outcome for your delectation and delight - Bliss…

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