The Serves

Bliss is an exceptionally versatile drink, with so many ingredients it will pair with a surprising number of flavours. 
Here are some of our favourite serves – and if we’ve missed one of your favourites please let use know!

Shot of Bliss                        50ml over ice

Simple. Blissful. Perfect.

Spicy Bliss                            50ml & Ginger Ale

Choose a good ginger ale for spicy heaven, Fentimans does very nicely indeed.

English Bliss                        50ml & Organic Apple Juice

My go to Bliss – Imagine the love child of mulled cider and a toffee apple…

Nutty Bliss                           50ml & Hazelnut Milk

Creamy, nutty, rather reminiscent of Baileys

Coffee Bliss                         50ml & Cold Press Coffee

If like me you’ve not yet given up the coffee, I find this a great way to take the ‘buzzy edge’ off my one-a-day caffeine buzz, it tastes fantastic too.

Basil Bliss                             50ml & Basil Lemonade

 A left field option given I’ve only ever come across Basil Lemonade from a maker based in Germany, but this does concoction illustrate well the versatility of the Bliss

Raspberry Bliss                  50ml & Raspberry Lemonade

Easier to replicate at home, and rather fine it is too.

Dirty Bliss                             25ml + 25ml Tuaca & Ginger Ale

If you’re after a low rather than no alcohol option, then a Spiced or heavily Vanilla flavoured Rum works well. Even better, use the Italian liqueur Tuaca which brings additional herbal notes and an added sweetness.