The Serves

With so many ingredients and taste notes already incorporated, Bliss is surprisingly versatile and pairs well with an amazing array of flavours. 
Here are some of our favourite serves, with many more to discover as you become familiar and experiment with your preferred mixers.

Shot of Bliss

Simple. Blissful. Perfect.

Garnish with an orange peel twist and spray the surface with a spritz of those potent citrus oils.

English Bliss

My go to Bliss – Imagine the love child of mulled cider and a toffee apple.

Pour 150ml Organic Apple Juice and 50ml Bliss over ice. Garnish with a slice of apple over the rim for a classic summer drink.

Another twist is to using apple & rhubarb or apple & raspberry juices.

Nutty Bliss


Combine 50ml Bliss & 150ml Hazelnut milk, carefully pour in a dash of cream (plant or Cow as you prefer), sprinkle with chocolate powder, for extra crunchy indulgence, garnish the rim of the glass with honey and crushed Hazelnuts.

Berry Bliss

200ml Cranberry juice, (it also works well with the Cranberry & Raspberry blend) 50ml of Bliss, & garnish with mixed frozen berries.

Hot Bliss

Heat 150ml Organic Apple Juice, top up with Bliss then spice things up even further with additional Cinnamon and Cayenne to taste for a perfect warm winter chill.

Spicy Bliss

Mix with a good Ginger Ale for spicy heaven - Fentimans does very nicely indeed.

Blissful Mary

To create an astonishingly refreshing pick me up, with all of the hangover reducing properties of its alcoholic cousin - Pour 125ml tomato juice, a double Bliss 15ml lemon juice, 3 drops of Tabasco sauce and season with salt & pepper.

Bliss Tonic

Add Rosemary & Grapefruit Tonic to crushed ice, shake, decant into a whisky glass, pour a double of Bliss over the top garnishing with a sprig of Rosemary.

Mellow Joe

Just pour a shot into your regular Joe... If, like me, you’ve not yet given up the coffee, I find adding Bliss is a great way to take the edge off my one-a-day caffeine buzz. It tastes fantastic too.

Basil Bliss

Add Basil Lemonade and hey presto, something completely unique. A very left field option, given I’ve only ever come across Basil Lemonade from one single maker based in Germany, but this concoction does illustrate well the versatility of the drink.

Raspberry Bliss

Take 50ml & add Raspberry Lemonade, easier to replicate at home than the Basil version and rather fine it is too.


Combine Bliss, Ginger Ale and Pomegranite, for a palette twisting flavour explosion.

If you happen to have them to hand, pomegranate seeds add the ideal garnish.

Playing Nicely with the Alcohol Crowd

Considered Cassis

For a barely alcoholic, but very, very tasty combination, take 10ml Crème de Cassis, 10 ml syrup (and if you can get it, flavoured with lemon and Szechuan Pepper is next level). Add soda water to taste. Sip back, and marvel!

Blissful Pirate

Yo ho ho and all that – made with 50ml Bliss & 50ml Dark Rum, it’s never going to be sophisticated, but you’ll end the night less legless and more one legged?! For an alcoholic night, but with waaaaaaay gentler a hangover.

Dangerously Blissed

How many herbs can one drink hold?

50ml & 50ml Jägermeister packs A LOT of herb power into just one glass. This is another ‘it shouldn’t work but it does’ combination, super moreish, you can justify it as being almost healthy and you won’t need to change your drinking habits (that) much.

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