The Story

Hi, my name is Dickon Walker. In a roundabout way an Icarus moment led to the creation of Blissful Spirits.

Falling from the sky in a paragliding accident led to my convalescing with time to think…

I contemplated my own habitual behaviour, so recognising how neurochemical imbalances were bringing about the thrill seeking behaviour which had recently not served me so well.

It also gave me time to contemplate the nature of pain and its opposite - physical pleasure and joy. My simple conclusion was that I realised in many ways how the body feels at any given moment tells us whether we’re joyful or not!

So much time is spent chasing excitement, outcomes, or circumstance. But, to feel good just requires a healthy body with the right neurochemical balance. It need not be an unusual or fleeting feeling, dependent upon a momentary experience or achievement. It is our birthright.

At this 'interesting' point in my life, given I'd already given up alcohol and my usual exercise and flying routines were off the cards, I decided I needed a better way to help me feel good. I returned to my old interest in nutrition to bring about the internal feelings I desired.

From my years studying nutrition and natural healing techniques I knew how using herbs and supplements together gives the greatest effect on the nervous system, I truly I believe this is the best way to create lasting feelings of pleasure and contentment.

In deciding what drink to make, I asked myself the question: ‘If I took all the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years to accentuate and enhance just one single emotion and bottle it, what emotion would that be?’

Bliss was born!


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