The Three Blends

Our drinks, and your pleasure, comes in 3 varieties

Uplifting Bliss Original

Relaxing Bliss CBD &

Arousing Tantric Bliss...

Bliss Original - Uplifting

Based on Organic cacao, the ingredients reduce cortisol while increasing dopamine, GABA, serotonin and blood flow, to offer a feel good combination of confidence, connection and playfulness.

Our herbal plant spirits offer the same positive mood shifts found in an alcoholic drink, but without the drawbacks.

Immune Boosting

So many of the ingredients are health tonics, it’s hard to single out one or two. But, Ginkgo, Ashwagandha, Lions Mane and Reishi are perhaps the most well known for their amazing, health giving, rejuvenating properties.

Taste Notes

The taste journey begins with initial notes of Cacao & Cardamom, Star Anise & Cayenne. These enticing flavours unfold over a deep foundation of dark, woody, smoky mood enhancing roots & and leaves.

The voyage continues, with possibilities of Rose, Hibiscus, Coffee, Citrus, Liquorice, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Berries, Ginger, Caramel & Vanilla.

Bliss CBD - Relaxing

Bliss CBD is similar to Bliss but with added CBD, a different medicinal mushroom and a distinctive more caramel taste The energetic effect is as supportive as the Original but with more relaxation. There were a couple of changes that were key to working with the Marijuana plant.

The Lions Mane mushroom has been exchanged for Reishi, very well known for it’s rejuvenating properties. Additional Cardamom is used, which brings a delightfully mellow, soothing, warming flavour, while Muscovado in place of Jaggery adds further warmth.

Taste Notes

With many of the same ingredients, CanaBliss will be familiar to those who enjoy the original Bliss, however Cardamom in place of Star Anise, plus the  Muscovado creates a smoother, sweeter & creamier drink to reflect well its effects - which could even be likened to the after effects of a hot stone massage…


We use the best quality CBD oil we could find. It is actually sourced from a supplier unrelated to us, who just happens to be based up the road and is called ‘The Spirit of Hemp’… You can’t make this stuff up, synchronicities like that just have to come direct from spirit!

Some of the qualities which make this CBD special are:

  • Non psychoactive = THC + THCA <.2%
  • CO² extraction
  • 200 terpenes – steam distil first, then remix during drying…
  • MCT oil from coconuts as the carrier oil

Because the herbs used support the entire energetic system drinking CanaBliss gives a more balanced and well rounded feeling than taking CBD drops on their own.

Excellent as a replacement for an end of day glass of red, or any time you would like a noticeably relaxing yet supportive, nourishing, feel good drink.

Tantric Bliss - Arousing


Did we save the best for last...? 


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